What can a mobile appraisal or measurement service from Craig MacKinnon at Triangle Residential Valuations do for you?

Urgently need an appraisal or measurement? We've adopted mobile technology because we know the public wants their measurement and appraisal services performed using the latest technology available. Using the latest electronics including Bluetooth enabled lasers and tablets allows Triangle Residential Valuations to perform appraisals and measurement services more efficiently and accurately.

Traditional appraising or measuring involves going to the subject property and collecting massive amounts of data including a sketch using paper, pen, tape measure, and clipboard. From there, the appraiser still has to manually type that data into the desk top computer at her office, which can lead to mistakes. Many appraisers still use this potentially error-prone, time-consuming method today.

Being a mobile appraiser and home measuring specialist means we no longer have to worry about carrying unnecessary equipment or waste time transferring data from paper to a desk top computer. Using a tablet, the data is synced straight to the cloud and reporting software without the appraiser ever having to enter in that data again, meaning more efficiency and more accurate results and a faster turnaround time for you.

When you need a quick and accurate appraisal or measurement service near Raleigh or the Triangle area, call Craig MacKinnon today at 919-418-3132.

Through this syncing process, we're able to quickly access data from our devices in the field and new data can then be gathered, making the real time information on the reporting form as up-to-date as possible. And with the use of laser measuring devices, we are able to collect pinpoint measurements, leading to precise square footage calculations.

As a perk, we're always ready to answer questions when you call or e-mail us. Mobile appraising makes us much more efficient, giving us the forms and data we need at all times so we can provide you with the information you need or answer any questions you might have at any time.