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Craig MacKinnon, a certified North Carolina residential real estate appraiser who has measured tens of thousands of properties within the extended Triangle market area will provide you with accurate square footage, room dimensions and floor plans for TMLS data entry.  

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What are Measurement services?

Home measurement services are just what they sound like: an appraiser measures the square footage and room dimensions of your listing, then either includes the room locations or draws a highly detailed floorplan based on what you need. The appraiser's sketch, which includes precise Gross Living Area for the subject property, is in PDF format and allows for attachment to the the Triangle Multiple Listing Service data sheet, giving potential buyers the confidence that the advertised square footage is correct along with a visual depiction of the relative room sizes and locations. 

How does a measurement service work?

During the measurement service, a certified appraiser measures your listing with a laser measuring device linked via Bluetooth to a tablet. As they move around the property, they note the layout of the rooms and other features, like closets, hallways, and fireplaces. The appraiser is then able to draw a detailed floor plan on a mobile device and determine the total living area before even leaving the property - providing you with faster results!

What does a measurement service cost?​

For non complex properties up to 3500 square feet, a measurement service costs $75 for square footage and room dimensions and an additional $25 adds a detailed floor plan. There may also be slight additional charges as the property grows larger, increases in complexity, is located in an outlying area or is a rush request. If your listing falls into any of the above categories, please ask for a price quote, although anytime these issues arise, the price will be quoted or confirmed prior to inspecting. 

What is your turn time? 

We do our absolute best to offer you the turn time that you require whether it's same day service, 1-3 days out or a week or longer. Of course, ordering the request as early in the process as possible is ideal, but we understand there are exceptional situations where you simply need the results right now. Given our use of mobile technologies and corresponding quick turn times, same day service may be possible depending on access, complexity and location. Just tell us when you need the results, and we will follow up with a confirmation of the requested due date and then deliver the results on time.

When should you get a measurement service?

Information for Listing Agents

Are you looking for the low cost peace of mind that comes from knowing that your listing reflects the correct living area? Is there a large discrepancy between public record data and the seller's opinion of the subject living area? Maybe large discrepancies between prior TMLS sheets? Are you looking for a tool to attract potential buyer's because they can review the layout and attributes of your listing before and after a walkthrough? Why measure a listing yourself when you can have one of the most experienced experts in the Triangle area measure for you at a very reasonable cost? Your clients and potential buyers will be grateful that you ordered a measurement service from Triangle Residential Valuations, and you can rest assured knowing that the living area on your client's listing is accurate and reliable. Also, If you order a measurement service from us, we offer invaluable consulting services. For example, you discover just prior to the scheduled closing that the buyer's appraiser claims that your listing is 200 square feet smaller than advertised. That's when you contact us, we reconcile the discrepancies, and inform you that the buyer's appraiser missed an entire finished room below grade! For added peace of mind, request a measurement service from Triangle Residential Valuations today!

Information for Homeowners and Property Taxes

Tax records often reflect inaccurate living area of a property because the values can come from many sources, and sometimes go unverified — which means you may be paying for more square footage than you own! You'll want an appraiser to perform a measurement service so you can submit the report to the revenue department to have the living area corrected. Craig MacKinnon at Triangle Residential Valuations will establish an accurate Gross Living Area (GLA) of your property so your taxes can reflect your actual square footage — and you can stop paying more than your property is worth. And if you are listing your property, it's extremely important that the public record data is consistent with measured square footage. Contact us today and we can answer any questions you may have and help you with a fast, accurate and reliable measurement service!